Aviation MH

Founded in 2011, Aviation MH wants you to live UNIQUE and adrenaline filled experience. We are the only aviation company in Canada and in Québec that offers an Introduction to Aerobatics flight with a qualified pilot in a brand new aircraft, certified for aerobatics. You don’t need to be a pilot to have fun!

 Aviation MH also offers specialized training to pilots who want to learn aerobatics, upset recovery training, or to fly a tail dragger. Come fly with our young retired CF-18 pilot who is experienced, motivated, and passionate.

 If you want a personalized First Flight or to take the controls of the aircraft; we have the perfect flight for you. We offer a completely tailored flight experience with your own pilot.

 You are in business and you know very well that time is money; we now offer an air taxi service from the Rivière-du-Loup Airport. We offer a wide selection of high quality aerial work services.

 As for advertising, an aerial advertisement service is also available for all businesses in Québec and New Brunswick.

 For more information, please feel free to navigate our website or contact us directly.