The aircraft



MH Aviation Inc. has acquired a brand new aircraft in August 2011. It is a tandem seat (one seat forward, one seat aft) aerobatic aircraft offering an excellent visibility to both occupants.


The manufacturer of this beautiful aircraft is American Champion Aircraft and the model is better known as a Citabria; Citabria is simply Airbatic spelled backwards!


This type of aircraft has been in non-stop production since 1964. It was the first civilian aircraft to be certified for aerobatics in North America. Before that time, this activity was reserved to military pilots and aircraft. It is a proven design that has evolved over the years but that remains a simple, well thought out, and well-built aircraft.


This aircraft is mainly used in aerobatics, learning how to fly taildraggers, or aerial advertising.

Aircraft characteristics : 

  • Aircraft certified for aerobatics;
  • Two seats in tandem;
  • 160 Hp Lycoming engine;
  • Certified for +5G and -2G;
  • Capable of taking-off and landing in about 400 feet (125 m);
  • Rate of climb of 1130 feet/minute with a service ceiling of 15,500 feet.



Aviation MH Inc. has acquired a second aerobatic aircraft in spring 2014.  This time, though, it's an unlimited category aircraft!


The Christen Eagle II, also known as the Aviat Eagle, made its first flight in 1977 and is still in production.  Its powerful engine and its light weight make the Christen Eagle II an impressively performant aircraft. 


Martin holds a qualification that allows him to take part of airshows in North America.  Martin has been performing in airshows since 2016 season.  Take a look at our Facebook page for more details on upcoming airshows!

Aircraft characteristics :

  • Two seats in tandem
  • 225 HP Lycoming AEIO-360 engine 
  • Certified for +6G and -3G (in Canada)
  • Rate of climb of 2100 feet/minute
  • Capable of sustained inverted flight



Since its acquisition in June 2015, our Sundowner is flying air taxis, sightseeing tours and familiarization flights.  It is also this aircraft that it is used at our flight school. It can take up to three passengers (one forward and two aft).


The Sundowner is a versatile aircraft that fits perfectly with our operations.  Its maneuverability makes it a pleasant aircraft to fly, perfect for someone who wants to feel the thrill of taking controls!


Our Sundowner's payload, fiability as well as its unique comfort make it a great Air Taxi aircraft.  Maximize your time at a surprisingly affordable cost with a flight adapted to your needs.

The 180's cruising speed allows us to take you at destination faster and to show you more of the beauty of our region!  A 30-minute sightseeing tour allows you to fly over any place in a radius of 50 KM from the departure airport.

Aircraft characteristics :

  • Four seater (3 passengers)
  • 180 HP Lycoming O-360 engine
  • Capacity of 600 pounds (passenger and/or cargo)
  • Cruise speed of 200 Km/H (about 120 MpH)